Tuttofood Milan 2019

China at Tuttofood Milan and two satellite events

TuttoFood is the international B2B fair dedicated to the food & beverage sector. The biennale event brings together the best of the sector from around the world in Milan. For the 2019 edition, we organized and coordinated the participation of Chinese exhibitors.

Range of actions

  1. Logistical and organizational support
  2. Coordination of the Chinese exhibition area
  3. Management of their participation, set-up design
  4. Selection of Italian companies and matching with Chinese importers
  5. Organization of Tasting Event

To initiate relations and opportunities for the development of distribution channels in the province of Guiyang and for the brand JNC.

The Chinese collective
In collaboration with Worldex-Singex, we coordinated the participation of the collective of Chinese exhibitors at Tuttofood 2019. This event was about the important presence of 50 companies from different Chinese provinces and covered around 500 sq.m. of exhibition space.

For the event, we organized a busy schedule of meetings between Chinese companies and Italian and international buyers present at the fair through a matching system coordinated by DR&P, which allowed us to maximize the effectiveness of fair attendance.

We organized two events during the fair. On behalf of the Province of Guiyang, we organized a tasting event that 20 Italian companies attended. They were selected as some of the best producers of Italian excellence and perfect for the interests of the Chinese client. In addition, we organized a dinner with guests from the Italian specialized Food & Beverage press for one of the major exhibitors, Jian Nan Chun (JNC), the producer of the famous Chinese liquor Baijiu, who presented the latest version of the liquor, the 24K.