Italian agri-food excellence in China
September 2018


Italian PMIs at Food2China Expo, one of the most important stages on the Chinese market.

We facilitated the participation of a group of Italian PMIs at the most prestigious fair in South China.

Range of actions

  1. Identification of the most suitable fair for commercial development in South China
  2. Management of participation in the event, stand design and creation
  3. Commercial assistance. Schedule of meetings with qualified professional buyers
  4. Logistical and organizational support on site with dedicated staff

To enhance the quality of proposed products, in a context characterized by elevated competitiveness. To bring out the value of Made in Italy through the experience of a tasting and the launch of concrete commercial relations.

The fair 

We worked with the companies in all phases – definition, preparation and creation of the event. After a careful selection, we chose Food2China Expo, a prestigious B2B fair that takes place every year in Guangzhou, in South China, as the best stage from which to promote the products. 

Once the spaces were defined, we worked on the set-up of the stands. Our goal was to translate the values of the individual brands through the right visual communication for Chinese clients. This allowed us to reduce the distance between exhibitors and visitors, creating a warm and inviting environment.

This complete service allowed small and medium-sized businesses to access in a simple and effective way an important channel of promotion on a new market full of opportunities.